Bone Balancetrainer Board + SoftPad RollerBone – passion for balance 


Cross-training – many kinds of sports and athletes, also in wakeboarding and waterskiing – are familiar with these additional training methods. Balance training tools are some of the best crossfit products on the market.

The RollerBone Softbone Balance Trainer is an amazing training tool which combines ultimate fun with flexibility, coordination and balance.

It is suitable for every age group and skill level and can be used indoors and outdoors. It is perfect for children and elderly people to start their training with the RollerBone Softpad. People of advanced age will not only have a lot of fun and joy with this product but will also do something good for their body as well as strengthen their joint mobility and agility.

With the RollerBone SoftBone Balance Trainer children playfully learn to improve their balance for their everyday life and for their sports activities. The SoftPad can easily be inflated with the mouth. The more the SoftPad is filled with air the more complicated the exercises get, whereas less air in the SoftPad decreases the level of difficulty.

You are always in motion with the SoftPad!

Because of its innovative, extremely thin, but durable material, an optimal floating is achieved. Furthermore, the Rollerbone Soft Bone is well suited for physiotherapeutic prevention and therapy training as it gently trains nearly every muscle group. 

It is also possible to add weights in order to combine weight and balance training with each other.

The SoftPad can be used as an individual training tool:
Due to the mobile base a variety of new impulses and demands are stimulated in the musculature during one- or two-legged balance exercises in standing or push-up position.  

SoftPad as an additional feature for your back and wellness to your everyday life:
The SoftPad can be used as a seat pad causing an upright seating position while strengthening your back muscles at the same time. Pelvis and upper body remain active. It is also very relaxing to use the knobbed surface for a foot massage.

Board: L 74cm x B 41,5cm x H 3cm
SoftPad diameter ca. 35,5 cm 

You can find the tutorial and more information in the manual. Here is the Download

This link leads to the product video:

Product Video

Delivery contents:
RollerBone: Board
RollerBone: SoftPad 

For the ambitious we recommend to use the Rollerbone Board with the roll.

We recommend the following set:
13234 Rollerbone Trainings Package (Board + Roller + Softpad)