RollerBone Balance Board is the ideal training tool for every kind of sport:

  In surfing it is very important to find the right position on the surfboard in order to rock the waves. RollerBone Balance Trainer helps you to achieve this and to look good on the surfboard at the same time.  
  Training with RollerBone Balance Board does not only improve your physical fitness, but your leg muscles in particular which is very important for mountain biking.
  Kitesurfing requires a person to have a pronounced upper body and arm musculature. Some easy exercises with the RollerBone Balance Trainer can help you to train these particular body areas. In addition, you can train with weights and a stability ball.  
  A good stomach and back musculature are essential for windsurfing and these can be greatly improved by training with RollerBone Balance Board. Moreover, it can be optimized by individually passing different heavy balls.  
  RollerBone Balance Trainer is the ideal all-in-one training tool for skateboarders to whip their balance skills into shape and to master every situation on the skateboard.  
  Training with RollerBone Balance Board enables BMX riders to appropriately act in difficult situations as fast as possible and to react correctly to track bumps.  
  In the last couple of years, motocross has become one of the most extreme kinds of sports. Therefore, physical fitness and coordination is unarguably very essential for motocross riders. RollerBone Balance Trainer helps you to quickly improve your fitness level.  
   As we all know, in snowboarding it’s all about the up and down, being ready to move in any direction and being flexible in the legs. By training with RollerBone Balance Board during the summer, you can optimally prepare for the winter season.  
  Especially in wakeboarding, it’s very important to be stable and steady on the board. In order to achieve this and to learn new wakeboard tricks, RollerBone Balance Trainer is exactly the right ‘training unit’.  
  The trend sport wakeskating requires an immense amount of feeling and balance in order to control the wakeskate and to land tricks on the water. Training with RollerBone Balance Board is the perfect complement to that.  


When you are playing tennis, a high reaction is very important. Rollerbone is perfect for this.




When you are a skier strong foot muscles in combination with a good balance feeling is very important. And that is exactly what you will learn with Rollerbone.



For soccer players are very important to have good foot muscles. That you can train with Rollerbone.