RollerBone is the ultimate training tool for every age group and skill level.

Training with RollerBone Balance Board improves your balance enormously. Thus you will experience more fun and joy during sports activities. The unique RollerBone is the right training tool for everyone who thinks that a good body balance is important for accomplishing his athletic goals.

It’s particularly well suited for board athletes, endurance athletes as well as bicycle and amateur athletes. It’s a training tool that optimally trains every part of your body and strengthens your leg and gluteal muscles in particular. Furthermore, RollerBone is not only a training tool, but also a true fun sport tool with which you can try out and invent different exercises.

Its diversity and the fact that RollerBone has been built for indoor as well as outdoor areas make it to the optimal training tool.

RollerBone consists of two parts and because of its moderate measurements (length 74 cm – wide 41,5 cm – height 3 cm), only needs a small storage space. You can stow it below your bed or behind a niche.

The biggest advantage of RollerBone Balance Board is that you can include the training into your individual training routine. Training with RollerBone Balance Board is not only a lot of fun, but also very effective. Training with RollerBone is very easy to learn, calming and relaxing and strengthens your back, stomach and gluteal muscles as well as your body balance.

The use of RollerBone is an effective total-body training. It provides quick results in terms of body balance and coordination and an improvement of the overall physical and motor fitness. The stance on the board causes a tension in the body from the ankles up to the neck and shortened stomach muscles benefit from it, too.

The constant balancing trains the legs and the core trunk musculature; hence training with RollerBone is highly recommended for back problems.

In addition, it is a suitable training tool for physiotherapeutic prevention and therapy training as it gently trains nearly every muscle group. Therefore, it does not only improve your physical fitness noticeably but can also be used for treating injuries of the loco motor system.

The aim of the amazing RollerBone Balance Board is to balance as long as possible without the board touching the ground.

Moreover, you can continuously work on different exercises and tricks in order to achieve improved physical and motoric skills. Using RollerBone is easy on the joints, whereby it relaxes strained neck and shoulder muscles and promotes circulation in the back as well.